Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom
26th May 2017



Photo: Liam Hartery

‘I’m going for the Win by any means necessary, I have massive punch power  in  both hands’

‘Our main objective is the Win, but I will not be surprised if I take him out in The late rounds’

‘If he is too hasty, it could be an early night’


ANDREW SELBY                ‘I think I will win on points. This guy has never been stopped

Photo: Liam Hartery

Final Words from Fight Scene Columnist ENZO CALZAGHE


Good luck to Barry Mcguigan, Cyclone Promotions and everyone involved.

Another promoter bringing fight nights to Wales is good.

I’m pleased to hear Cyclone Promotions are back in Wales, this is a positive move forward. They deserve to be rewarded, stay safe and hopefully it will go well.


 By Jon Sutton

A decade ago, the Sardinian/Welsh accent of strict cornerman, proud father and strutting bass-guitarist, Enzo Calzaghe, dominated Welsh news and current affairs shows.

And his Newbridge headquarters – boasting one of the strongest stables in world boxing & drawing comparisons to Kronk and Wild Card – dominated the back-page headlines.

In 2009, however, when Enzo’s son Joe Calzaghe decided to take a rest, the dragon’s breath seemed to cool down a little in Welsh boxing, since Gary Lockett also retired, following a brave but vicious defeat to Kelly Pavlik. Nathan Cleverly & Enzo Maccarinelli emptied their lockers and moved to pastures new.

With the announcement of the Cyclone Promotions card on May 26th at the Motorpoint Arena, it seems that the phoenix, or should we say the dragon, is set to rise from the flames.

Photo: Jamal Romeh

Craig Kennedy’s British cruiserweight title-fight shares an equal portion of the ticket price, alongside Andrew Selby’s world flyweight eliminator, treating fans to a double-headed bill that is propped up with the professional welterweight debut of Olympic silver medallist & paid-ranks-prospect, Fred Evans.

Whilst boxing history is littered with tales of tragedy, few amateur fighters have turned that tragedy into such astonishing success as Fred Evans, who won Wales first ever Olympic silver medal, just six years after the devastating loss of his mother and sister in a car crash.

Fred’s trainer, Tony Borg, is certain Fred has the style to suit professional fighting – and Fred has already proven he has the amateur pedigree to score points and stay out of trouble. If he can develop his power as a pro, he’s a threat to the entire welterweight division. His heart, as proven throughout the young man’s life is unquestionable.

It’s taken Fred a few years and a few life lessons before he’s made the decision to join the paid-ranks and set up his debut, and what a stage to do it on!

He joins his fellow Cardiff boys on a huge night for the Welsh capital and the British boxing scene as both Andrew Selby and Kennedy look to continue their steady rise to stardom.

And Andrew Selby’s slick style, an absolute winner with fans, seems to be carrying him towards world title fights.


By Jason Morgan

Andrew Selby:

Photo: Liam Hartery

Andrew Selby, younger brother of IBF featherweight king, Lee, takes a step closer to challenging for the WBC World flyweight crown, currently held by Mexico’s Juan Hernandez Navarrate, when he faces off against Nicaragua’s dangerous Cristofer Rosales, 23(15) – 2.  This is no easy task though, Navarrate has only ever been beaten twice – only once by KO – and on that occasion by current WBA champion Kazuto Ioka of Japan 20-1-0.

Stepping out of the shadow of his brother may be some way off, given all of Lee’s fantastic achievements recently, but the feeling around in South Wales and perhaps the wider boxing scene, is that he’s ready to bask in the light. Some say (including his brother) that there’s a real chance he could be even better. When you consider his status as Wales’ best ever amateur, it’s certainly not too much of a leap to envisage this outcome.

Many a fight game enthusiast will contribute to the debate of “what makes a good boxer?” Is it their speed, power, style, chin or maybe heart?  In my opinion these are five boxes that any fighter needs to tick as they hone their craft. And this boy ticks them all. Andrew is the epitome of a 5 star fighter and the only thing standing between him and the big time, is time itself.

Craig Kennedy:

Craig Kennedy pictured with trainer Steve Robinson

At 32, Craig Kennedy’s wisdom both inside and outside the ring is apparent, even whilst his legs are still as fresh as a man ten years his junior, a solid combination for longevity in the fight game.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that Kennedy was the young, hungry rookie, looking to make a name for himself. At 32 years of age maybe not so young, particularly amongst his peers, but certainly fresh by comparison to his opponent, who, though four years younger, has been doing his business in the ring for a full five years longer.

Matty ‘The Assassin’ Atkins comes to Cardiff as a respected domestic-level fighter and having talked of his ambition to keep the Lonsdale belt, he’s made clear his belief that this fight is a step too far for Kennedy.  Matty will say he’s already ranked second in Britain, compared to Kennedy’s fourth, and the rankings don’t lie. Team Kennedy would argue that The Assassin has lost 3 times and once by KO. On that occasion, he went to ply his trade away from home against an unbeaten opponent, sound familiar?

Craig Kennedy certainly looks the part physically and during an era when sports and health sciences are keeping the best sportsman at the top longer, he could be around for a lot longer yet. Just consider potential Hall of Famer Bernard ‘The Executioner’ Hopkins, he fought until he was 50, at an adjacent weight class to Craig.

It’s already tempting to look ahead and see where Craig’s path may take him and this is a very busy scene at world level, with Russian Lebedev & Kazakhstan’s Shumenov to name just two. The Brits love a domestic dust up, as recent match ups have proven from Froch v Groves to Haye v Bellew. Stop right there! Should Bellew’s current heavyweight aspirations falter, he could return to Cruiserweight in time to meet Craig on his way up. Yet another massive Wales v England clash.

Fred Evans:

Photo: Scott Heavy

Usually when making reference to a fighter about to make his debut, it would be considered absolute folly to even contemplate what lies ahead at world level. Perhaps not so with Evans, if his amateur career can provide a template.

Ok, so the doubters may look at his glory as an Olympian being some 5 years ago – in the amateur game – and ask how he’s progressed since?

We have already mentioned Wales’ most successful amateur, well here we have their most successful Olympian, following his contribution to team GB in 2012. Fred at the time was just 21 but still won silver, losing to Kazakh Serik Sapiyev, who at the time was nearly 7 years Fred’s senior.  Serik is a former 2 time World Amateur Boxing Champion at light welter, so there was no shame there.

Fred has a long way to go and even his trainer Tony Borg will tell you, there’s still much to learn, but Evans holds all the attributes to go right to the top. Fighting at welterweight puts him in potentially the most exciting class in the game, with current champions including future HOF’er Keith Thurman, current living legend Manny Pacquiao and Britain’s own Kell Brook. Surely Fred’s sights are now set on the belt once held by Brook, recently battled over by rising stars like Sam Eggington and current holder Bradley Skeete.


Exclusive Interview by Sian Gunney

Photo:Jamal Romeh

Fight Scene Magazine chats to Cardiff’s Hometown hero: Boxer Craig “The Kid” Kennedy, ahead of his British Cruiserweight Title Fight!

  1. Craig can you tell us about the Title fight and what it means to you?

For me to be fighting for the Lonsdale belt is a dream of mine since I was a young, young boy.

I believe that every boxer from the UK wants to fight for the most prestigious belt in boxing.

Now it’s finally here…. for my family and me it’s a dream come true.

  1. When is it what time and why should people come and watch?

It is on the 26th May at the Motorpoint Arena doors open at 4pm.

The reason people should come and watch is because it’s a clash of the BEST vs the BEST

  1. Tell us about your journey to becoming a boxer?
    Like any other boxer I’ve had my ups and downs I started boxing at a very young age at approximately 5 years old.

That was just at home as unfortunately there was no boxing clubs close. At 11 years old I signed up at my first amateur boxing gym and

My first contest was at 14 and since then I have never looked back! So I’ve been competing since I was 14 years old!!

    4. Who was your boxing hero growing up?

A boxer by the name of Roy Jones Jnr he was a five-weight world champion and he did things no other boxer could do.

To be honest he had it all, the good looks the gift of the gab and his boxing ability was second to none.

     5. Current and past fighters who would be your dream fight and where would it be?

Muhammad Ali to fight him in my hometown in Cardiff or even in the Cardiff City ground would be a dream of mine.

It’s not realistic, but anyone that has the opportunity to face the greatest they’ve not only had massive exposure they got paid well and their profile shot through the roof. So past- Muhammad Ali

And the current would be to fight the best in my division the WBC holder Tony Bellew and again to fight him in my hometown of Cardiff would be a dream of mine. Tony Bellew for the WBC title in the principality stadium.

     6.Where are you from in Cardiff?

East end of Cardiff, born and raised in Rumney Trowbridge. I have lived here all my life and I still live here now.

     7.What do you love most about being from Cardiff?

The thing I love most about living in Cardiff is there is just so much to do!

So many beautiful places to visit and see and so many beautiful places to eat.. anyone who knows me knows I love my food!

And that people here are very friendly and supportive.

     8. Can you give our readers an insight to what your daily routine looks like ahead of fight night?

My daily routine ahead fight night. A typical day I would get up at 5am I would be on the hills at 5:45 hill sprints 70 meter sprints

…up on the wet cold hills in Marshfield. I come back, have a shower, have some sleep get up and have a nice breakfast. Then my second session would be at 1pm which is strength and conditioning then I come back home I will rest, chill take the dog for a walk then at 6pm we do our boxing, sparring, bag work and so on

     9. What other sports do you follow?

Football. I’m a massive, massive fan of Cardiff City Football Club so I’m a regular down there.

Huge football fan, I also enjoy darts, rugby and athletics.

     10. Outside of boxing who are your sporting heroes?

My sporting heroes outside of boxing are the incredible Hussain Bolt and magnificent Cristiano Ronaldo

     11. In 5 years time where do you see yourself?

In 5 years time I see myself coming to the end with retirement. I set myself a deadline at the beginning of my career. So in 5 years I hope that I would have fulfilled my dream and WON the biggest title in boxing which is for me the WBC world title! and to do it in front of my home fans would be AMAZING.

I’m hoping to have come to the end of my career, pushing the boundaries, pushing the limits and that I have done as much as I can in the world of boxing.

Then I’ll be in a position where I can spend time with my son and concentrate on being the best father I can be.

Craig your media team headed up by one of your best friends Jamal Romeh recently interviewed your nearest and dearest from your first ever trainer your current trainer and your family and close friends. We asked them to share their funniest and most memorable stories of you growing up. Also we asked them what winning the British Title actually means to each of them personally. Here’s what they said:

Our favourite moment at Fight Scene comes from the legend that is Steve Robinson your trainer at 7:22.

With so many laugh out loud and lovely moments, we wonder which moment your fans class as their favourite?

     12. Finally Craig How are you going to win your fight and in what round?

To be truthful that depends on him and his preparation.

Firstly I’m going for the Win by any means necessary but at the same time I have massive punch power in both hands.

I will not be surprised if I take him out in late rounds. Slow him down, break him up!!

Our main objective is the Win.

If he is too hasty it could be an early night.

So 26th May Motorpoint Arena doors open at 4pm, ticket prices start at £42.

If you haven’t got your tickets from Craig then you can get them online here Go To:

or by calling: 029 2022 4488


An Interview with Nathan “Thunder” Thorley by Sian Gunney

Photo: Paul Daley (Topclass Boxing)

Nathan Thorley (born 18 April 1993 in Cardiff) is a British boxer. He competed for Wales in the light heavyweight category at the 2014 Commonwealth Games where he won a bronze medal.

  1. Nathan a pleasure to meet you can you talk me through your boxing journey.

I’m 23 years old from Fairwater I went to Cantonian high school in Cardiff. I’m a lifeguard at Western leisure centre. I’ve been boxing ever since I turned 9 years old. I actually stumbled across boxing. I was driving around with my dad by Ashcroft field in Fairwater. We saw a kid with wraps on his hands and I stopped and asked him where he had been. He said around the corner to a boxing club. It was then that I discovered boxing and I haven’t stopped since.

Boxing has always been in the family Gil Galad.

My Dads uncle (Dads Mums brother) ran a boxing gym actually in the old Cantonian High school now Ysgol Gyfun Gymraeg Plasmawr.

My Mum and Dad were going to stop me boxing at one point. (He laughs) they said I wasn’t learning enough. Now I’m Common Wealth Games bronze medalist, nine times Welsh champion, British Champion, professional light heavy weight boxer 5-0.

  1. Nathan what does this fight mean to you?

It sets up more goals to keep winning. I’m very ambitious!

  1. Nathan can you talk me through your goals and aspirations. In 5 years time where do you see yourself?

I want to be world champ by 28-29. I want to go for all the Welsh, British and European title fights. I’m really interested in boxing in America and looking at opportunities in the states. Retired at 34-35 house bought, parents house bought, I don’t want my Mum or Dad having to work. For me many more travels under my belt and then marriage and kids.

  1. Who was your boxing hero growing up?

Pat Thomas was my boxing hero growing up.

(Pat Thomas (born 5 May 1950) was a Light-middleweight boxer, originally from Saint Kitts and Nevis, who took British citizenship and won two British boxing titles in the 1970s and 80s. After leaving Saint Kitts, Thomas settled in Cardiff in Wales, and is recognised as a Welsh fighter taking the Welsh light middleweight Championship in 1977)

Now it would be Tommy Hearns. He was part of the fantastic 4 Hagler, Hearns, Leonard & Duran. Hearns is everything I aspire to be.

ThomasTommyHearns (born October 18, 1958) is an American former professional boxer who competed from 1977 to 2006. Nicknamed the “Motor City Cobra”, and more famously “The Hitman”, Hearns’ tall and slender build allowed him to move up over fifty pounds in his career and become the first boxer in history to win world titles in four weight divisions: welterweight, light middleweight, middleweight, and light heavyweight. By later winning a super middleweight title, he also became the first to win world titles in five weight divisions.

Hearns was named Fighter of the Year by The Ring magazine in 1980 and 1984; the latter following his one-punch knockout of Roberto Durán. Hearns was known as a devastating puncher throughout his career, even at cruiserweight, despite having climbed up five weight classes.

  1. What’s your favourite boxing fight of all time?

Marvin Hagler vs Tommy Hearns

  1. Current and past fighters dead or alive who would be your dream fight and where would it be?

Hearns – anywhere! – in America

     7. What do you love most about being from Cardiff?

Passion of the Welsh people, they all really get behind you and support homegrown talent?

     8. What does your daily routine looks like ahead of fight night?

Gym at 8am with Chris.

Work my shift as a lifeguard.

I train everyday.

When I’m not in work I train for 3 sessions a day.

Very strict diet I live off chicken and vegetables.

Boxing is my life boxing is everything

     9. Nathan you are very level headed and mature for your age. Where does this come from.

I get it from my Dad he’s very level headed.

I always say it’s nice to be nice. I think that’s why I get so much support.

     10. Who are your sponsors?

Dragon Windscreens

Cardiff Builders

Vale Scaffolding

Origin Clothing

Welcome and thanks to my newest sponsors: New Vision Contractors

     11. Who are your biggest supports?

My Mum she does everything for me.

My girlfriend Bianca.

Dennis Williams from Cathays who knows everyone in the boxing world and goes out of his way to champion and support me in all I do

     12.You are well travelled at a young age. You like to travel a lot with your girlfriend Bianca. Out of everywhere you have been in the world where is your favourite place?

Paris as a city is so vibrant and beautiful the flowers and the architecture I love.

      13. If money was no option and I could give you a ticket to anywhere in the world where would you go and why?

I would be torn between Jamaica and China.

Two places I’ve always wanted to go, especially China as it’s so peaceful.

He laughs (not what you would expect a boxer to say I know)

     14. If you could describe yourself as a brand that would most sum you up. What brand would you be and why?

I would be Go Pro or North Face, because of my need for adventure and my ambition. Also because I align with Go Pro and North Face’s brands integrity and quality.

Photo: Paul Daley (Topclass Boxing)

     15. Talk me through how you feel on fight night

Before the ring my mind is blank I like to be to my own and stay relaxed.

Everyone else flaps around me. I get it into my head simply that the other guy wants to rip my head off and I have to stop him. It sounds strange but blood seeing blood drives me in the ring to fight as hard as I can.

     16. What is your prediction on your fight with Stanislav Echner on the 26th May?

I’m comfortable with my fight I’m thinking 3rd round I’ll take it.

Tickets start from as little as £42 and we know all of Team Thunder will be there to support Nathan as he takes on Stanislav Echner.

You can get your tickets today by calling 029 2022 4488 or buy online by Going To:



An Interview by Sian Gunney

Photo: Liam Hartery

WBC World Flyweight Eliminator 26th May 2017 Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff

Twitter Official Account @andrewselby1
Hailing from Colcot, Barry, Vale of Glamorgan, Selby claimed a silver medal at the 2011 World Amateur Boxing Championships in Baku, Azerbaijan, after he was pipped 13:12 by Russian Misha Aloyan. The tournament was also a qualifying tournament for the 2012 London Olympics with a quarter-final being the usual qualification criteria. However, as Selby wasn’t the only Brit in his weight division, he had to wait until later that year to seal Olympic qualification when he met Beijing Olympian Khalid Yafai at the 2011 GB Amateur Boxing Championships. Selby won the fight 26:12, thus sealing a place as GB Boxing‘s flyweight representative at the 2012 London Olympics. World Series Boxing in 2012-2013. Then entering the commonwealth games in 2014.

  1. Andrew a privilege and pleasure to meet you!  Can you talk me through your boxing journey. How old are you, what age did you first discover boxing, is it in the family? Talk us through your fights to date. What does boxing mean to you?

I’m 28 years old now. I discovered boxing at 8 years old. First fight was at 10.

Yes it’s in the family Lee obviously and my Dad boxed and my grampy on my dad’s side did too. (Lee : well that’s what Dad just said) *Andrew laughs. Also my eldest brother … not Lee one who passed away Michael he boxed.

I started Taekwondo at eight and didn’t enjoy it. We went to the gym and on camping trips. At first it was just like games, then I won my fist Welsh title at 10 years old then I kept winning it every year. I got to the 4 nations and lost first win 5-6 in a row selected for Great Britain and won loads of medals, European, Commonwealth, Olympics and turned pro.

  1. Andrew what does this fight on the Friday 26th May at the Motorpoint arena in Cardiff mean to you
    It’s the best belt ever, one step closer to achieving world champ. All it is just one guy in the way. It’s a tough opponent who is bigger than me with a higher knock out ratio.

3. What’s your biggest achievement to date?

Going to the Olympics as an amateur.

British title as a professional

And being a dad.

  1. Andrew can you talk me through your goals and aspirations. In 5 years time where do you see yourself?

To be a world champion only reason I’m a fighter.

Well that and to pay the bills.

  1. Who was your boxing hero growing up?

Didn’t have a particular one. Mike Tyson, Sugar Ray Leonard, Nigel Benn, Chris Eubank,

Muhammad Ali.

Manny Pacquiao I really like his speed and power I copy a few of his moves with my technique and training.

  1. What’s your favourite boxing fight of all time?

Arturo Gatti v Micky Ward round 9.

Two boxers fiercely fighting for 30 rounds. Both went to hospital after a fight and ended up in hospital beds next to eachother. They became the best of friends. Then when Ward retired Gatti wanted Ward to walk out with him and be in his corner. Ward did to cheers from the crowd. You can watch the documentary online or remember the film The Fighter starring Mark Wahlberg that was telling the story :

  1. Current and past fighters dead or alive who would be your dream fight and where would it be – Manny Pacquiao then to fight him in Las Vegas.

Obviously he would punch my head in but I would love to see how fast he is and how fast I could be for the World Title.

  1. Can you give our readers an insight to what your daily routine looks like ahead of fight night?

Get up 7:30am have porridge and black coffee and a banana.

Gym 10am bag work, sparring, pad work.

Strength work then home at 3pm.

Sponsor delivers food fish or chicken and sweet potatoes. Then I watch Jeremy Kyle.

Then black coffee, 8 mile run as I’ve found a nice route where I live.

Or sprints or step work. Then home and film… maybe a little tea depending on weight and bed.

  1. When you are not boxing where can we find you? Hobbies? How do you relax?

I like fishing to relax and if I’m not boxing I’m seeing my baby.

  1. Who are your biggest supports in life and in boxing?
    My Mum!

Also Capital cabs Cardiff and A2B Tyres in Barry are my key sponsors.

However I want to say a big, big thank you to each and everyone of my sponsors there are too many to name but I’m very grateful.

  1. What do you love most about Barry? / South Wales

The way the fans support you it’s incredible.

  1. If money was no object and I could give you a ticket to anywhere in the world where would you go and why?

Hawaii I’ve seen it on movies it looks amazing. I’ve travelled but I’ve never done a tropical paradise. I’d really like to.

  1. If you could give advice to a younger you what would you say?

Attend school more.

You know my parents brought me up well, but maybe just listen more to what they say.

Anything else?

Stay away from women?

  1. If you could advise a youngster starting out in boxing what would you say?

Train in a fun way. As a kid make it as much fun as you can boxing training. If a trainer thinks you are good, make sure you get chance to enjoy it before you change lifestyle and diet and dedicate all that time.

Sian and Andrew chat about the strict diet and dedication it takes.

Andrew says as soon as he’s not fighting he hates porridge, when he’s dieting he actually looks forward to it. Same with coffee he loves coffee but has it black when training and full cream and sugar as soon as the fight is over.

What’s your favourite food Andrew..

Nandos without a doubt and anything hot and spicy… I love curry!

15. If your friends and close family could describe you in 3 words, what would they say.
Generous, joker and laid back

16. Talk me through how you feel on fight night

Every single fight I’m never confident. All this goes through my head, what if people come and I let them down. I internalise that I have a really big challenge and that if I lose it’s the end of the world. I like to do shadow boxing in the mirror and run through my styles. In the changing room I honestly think how can I get out of this. Then when my name is called and I walk out I think no-one is beating me I’ve got this.

I don’t want to allow myself to think I’m the best or I’m going to win as the let down from not achieving is the worse thing in the world. There’s a lot of people expecting so much from me it’s a lot of pressure. I don’t like to tell myself it’s mine yet. I like to balance that by thinking I won’t and giving it my all.

17.What is your prediction on your fight?

I think I will win on points, as this guy Rosales has never been stopped. So very close on points. Its going to be a very tough fight!


I first saw Andrew and Lee at an amateur show years ago. One was boxing and one shadowing. Lee’s dedication and discipline would go down as the best of any boxer. Lee is a wizard.

Andrew is very different to Lee. Lee is disciplined Andrew is a natural. Even Lee always says Andrew is the best fighter, they love training together. Andrew is like watching poetry in motion same as Fred, what those boys have it just cannot be taught, they are born with it. Andrew stopped listening to his Dad and brother when he got tired they would urge him to keep going and he would stop. However he does listen to me and I would push him on another 3 rounds and he would come back with some of the best punches and moves he had done and feel great and gain confidence. Each time knowing he could go further and still feel strong and fast. Andrew is switched on …I said to him come on give me three years of your life. Get your big money and then you and Lee can go and buy a pub in Barry with memorabilia and just sit back and enjoy life. Andrew is incredible when Andrew listens and believes in himself he’s unstoppable.

Thanks Tony and your prediction for the fight?

If this guy is as gutsy as he comes across then it’s going to go a good 7-8 rounds.

I see Andrew stopping him in round 9/10


 ANDREW SELBY QUOTE: “It’s great to be back boxing in Wales in the biggest test of my pro career so far. I’m getting closer to my dream of becoming a World Champion alongside my brother Lee and this WBC world title eliminator will put me in touching distance.

BARRY McGUIGAN QUOTE: “I’m so pleased that Cyclone Promotions have managed to secure this official WBC World title eliminator fight for Andrew Selby at the Motorpoint Arena Cardiff on May 26th. Selby vs Rosales is a cracking fight between two of the best flyweights in the world. Andrew Selby is one of the most talented boxers of his generation and his opponent on May 26th Cristofer Rosales is from a winning team that includes the legendary Roman Gonzalez, so this has the makings of a very good fight.

Tickets start from only £42 it’s on Friday 26th May at Motorpoint Arena brought to you by Cyclone Promotions and it promises to be an incredible fight night.

Click the link to book your tickets NOW Go To:

An Interview by Sian Gunney


Photo Scott Heavy Professional boxer debut 26th May 2017 Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff

Twitter Official Account @FredEvansBoxing

Wales at the 2011 European Amateur Boxing Championships in Ankara and had previously won gold at the 2007 World Cadet Championships in Hungary. He was ranked sixth in the world at 69 kg and became the first Welsh boxer to qualify for the 2012 Olympic Games at 2011 World Amateur Boxing Championships in Baku, Azerbaijan.[citation needed]

Evans won silver for Great Britain in the Welterweight division, losing in the final to Kazakh boxer Serik Sapiyev

  1. Fred a pleasure to meet you can you talk me through your boxing journey

How old are you, what age did you first discover boxing, is it in the family? Talk us through your fights to date. What does boxing mean to you?

I’m Welsh from Pile by Port Talbot. Then I moved to Cardiff and I’ve lived here ever since. I was into boxing inspired by my dad from a very young age. He has a video of me boxing at only 4 years old boxing a 10 year old at an exhibition. I really discovered boxing at 10 when I started competing. My dad loved boxing and got me into it taking me to my first local boxing gym, which was Cwmavon Hornets ABC. Yes it is in the family, my brother 11 months younger Jason Evans and my 12-year-old brother Cruz Evans both box too.

Olympics GB selections at 14. Lots of junior tournaments. First person to ever win cadets Europeans. Fights to date Monday to Thursday I did training camps for Great Britain.

I won European seniors leading up to qualifying for the London Olympics.

Boxing means everything to me. I love everything about boxing!

What do you mean by that?

I love the power it has… what it does to your family.

I swear my dad gets a bigger hype off it than I do, it’s great!

  1. Fred what does this fight on the Friday 26th May at the Motorpoint arena in Cardiff mean to you?

I’ve been out of the ring for nearly 3 years. The big dream over anything else has always been to become a professional boxer. It’s all been leading up to this moment I can’t wait!

  1. What’s your biggest achievement to date?

Winning silver at the Olympics.

  1. Fred can you talk me through your goals and aspirations. In 5 years time where do you see yourself?

Winning British .If I’m honest I see fighters around my weight winning world belts and I think I’m better

  1. Who was your boxing hero growing up?

Sugar Ray and Joe Calzaghe

  1. What’s your favourite boxing fight of all time?

I only watch current fights… historically Sugar Ray my Dad loved. He admired his movements in the ring and wanted to train me like him.

  1. Current and past fighters dead or alive who would be your dream fight and where would it be?

Sugar Ray in Cardiff

  8. Can you give our readers an insight to what your daily routine looks like ahead of fight night?

My diet is very strict I have porridge for breakfast, pasta and chicken for lunch then chicken or turkey and mixed veg for dinner.

On the day!

Check weight


On the night!

Like to chill and be in my own space

I keep myself to myself

Couple of hours before the fight I enjoy the hype and build up.


(Photographer accreditation Scott Heavey : getty images)

  1. When you are not boxing where can we find you? Hobbies? How do you relax?

I keep horses, my dad and me breed Welsh cobs. So when I’m not boxing, I’m there helping look after the horses. I like going to the cinema too.

  1. Who are your biggest supports in life and in boxing?

My dad (also called) Fred Evans and Tony Borg. 11. What do you love most about Cardiff?

Love Cardiff I’ve got great friends and family and support!

  1. If money was no object and I could give you a ticket to anywhere in the world where would you go and why?

September 16th 2017 Triple G Fight in Las Vegas.

I’ve also always wanted to go to New York for the shopping.

  1. If you could give advice to a younger you what would you say?

Watch what company you socialise with. Take note of what feels right and wrong and don’t be steered to being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

  1. If you could advise a youngster starting out in boxing what would you say?

Get down to a local amateur gym and join in!

  1. If you could describe yourself as a brand that would most sum you up. What brand would you be and why?

Rolex, High quality, real what you see is what you get.

  1. Talk me through how you feel on fight night

I like to not be disturbed I like space and to remain as calm as possible.

I have a lot of superstitions.

My Mum and sister died in a car crash so I bless myself twice for them before every fight.

Making the sign of the cross with my hands.

As soon as that bell goes whatever I’ve practiced in the gym comes straight out in the ring.

  1. Would you give a prediction on your fight, how you are going to win and in what round?

Run in, turnaround and stay!

As soon as I know who I’m fighting and I know that fighter… yeah come back and ask me then

  1. Can we get a quote from Tony Borg on your training and what he thinks leading up to the fight

“It’s heart-breaking Fred’s story. Most people don’t even know he is THE ONLY Welsh man in history to get to the Olympic finals. I mean look at Amir Khan he won silver at the Olympics and within a year he was a millionaire and a household name.

Fred won silver in 2012 its now five years later and we finally has his pro debut on the 26th May 2017 at Motorpoint Arena with Cyclone Promotions.

Fred has worked so hard dropping weight and he’s dedicated to training. His weight is good he’s going to box a couple of pounds heavier. Training is going really good, he deserves this and is more than capable. It’s an opportunity for Fred to really showcase his skills on channel 5 live he’s looking to entertain. There’s such a flow to Fred’s style and movements it’s like watching poetry in motion. You throw a shot at Fred and you miss then you really are in trouble. He’s spiteful in the ring he will make you pay for any mistake you make. He’s a natural boxer a born talent. I’m so pleased to have so much talent in the gym here at St Josephs in Newport.”



FRED EVANS QUOTE: “It’s been a long time coming but I can’t wait to be back in the ring and get back to doing what I do best.  It’s great to be able to start my pro career boxing in my hometown of Cardiff after spending most of my amateur career boxing away from home.  I reached the pinnacle of an Olympic final in 2012 and now my dream is to reach the top in the pro ranks, that starts on May 26th in Cardiff.  It’s a massive night for Welsh boxing with Craig and Andrew in big title fights and I hope the Welsh fight fans will be out in force to celebrate a great night of boxing.”


“It’s great news that Fred Evans will make his professional debut on Cyclone Promotions May 26th show at Motorpoint Arena Cardiff. Fred is an immensely talented young man who has the potential to make a big impact in the professional ranks. May 26th at Motorpoint Arena Cardiff is going to be a huge night for Welsh boxing. Andrew Selby is in a WBC World Flyweight Eliminator against Cristofer Rosales, and in the co-main event Cardiff’s undefeated Craig Kennedy is in the fight of his life against Matty Askin for the vacant British cruiserweight title. It’s a tremendous stage for Fred Evans to make his professional debut.”

CHRIS SANIGAR (Fred Evans’ Manager) QUOTE:

“Fred has been back in the gym training with Tony Borg at St Joseph’s since Christmas and is recapturing the form that won him an Olympic Silver medal.  There is no doubting Fred’s talent and I believe he is showing the determination and grit to become a Champion.  Nothing is guaranteed in the pro game and Fred knows that, we have a long, tough road ahead with many hurdles to reach the top but I’m confident Fred can do it.”  

Tickets start from only £42 it’s on Friday 26th May at Motorpoint Arena brought to you by Cyclone Promotions and it promises to be an incredible fight night.

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