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” I’m coming for every lightweight in Britain this year… no one’s safe “





Gavin Gwynne’s days are busy.





After rising at 5am to run, feeding his new baby boy, visiting sponsors, selling tickets for fights and then doing a full day’s work, he heads to Tony Borg’s gym to start sparring… against fellow stablemates such as Mitch Buckland, Craig Evans & the Selby brothers.


Busy – and painful.


“You never know who you’ll get”, Gavin states, relishing the chance to battle it out against top level fighters.


When you train at St Joe’s gym, there are no easy days. As many of Tony Borg’s fighters have attested, a sparring session can be tougher than some of the fights you’ll have.


Perhaps for Gwynne though, not quite as tough as the battle he fought against Henry Janes late last year to become BBBC Welsh champion as he rounded off a perfect year with five professional wins and the birth of his son, Arlo.


And Gwynne, who almost walked away from boxing as a teenager, is certain that he now possesses the ambition he needs to make it all the way to the top.


“I got involved in boxing from a young age then I gave up. But I came back around the age of eighteen because I was starting to go down the wrong path in life – and I won thirteen fights on the bounce. Boxing has kept me on the straight & narrow, it’s really kept me out of trouble. And it’s given me that drive to succeed in life.”


But more recently boxing has also provided the unbeaten Merthyr man with the opportunity to grow stylistically, seeing him mutate from brawler to boxer within the paid ranks.



“My style is slick, sly & spiteful. My ambitions are to win as many belts as possible.”





Growing up I loved Jonny Tapia, I just loved his style”, Gwynne told Fight Scene, perhaps giving some insight into his love for a brutal battle and his previous preference for fighting at close distance.


But now I’m boxing instead of going to war all the time. My style is slick, sly and spiteful”, Gwynne stated. And he gives credit to Tony Borg for helping to mutate. Tony stays late at the gym to teach Gavin how to utilise his six-foot frame at the longer distance.


Gwynne, who’s current record sits at 9-0 (1KO), promises that this will be an even bigger end to the year, as he sets his eyes on a British title.


“My ambitions are to win as many belts as possible. I’d like to go for the Celtic title first, then maybe an eliminator for the British title. That’s where I want to be.”

And since he is confident that he did a better job of dealing with Henry Janes than his fellow light-weight Joe Murray (Manchester, 23-3-0), he may very well be realistic in his belief that he’ll soon be due a British title shot – since Murray is now fighting at British/Commonwealth level himself.


So with all this going on, how on earth does Gavin Gwynne relax? Simple:


“Family & fishing.”


Followed by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers to get motivated for training again:


“Can’t Stop really gets me going.”



And speaking of going, the endless energy that is Gavin Gwynne has run out of time. The man who never stops working has taken a rare break to talk to Fight Scene and now has to get back to business.


But not before giving a message to his army of fans – forty of which took over the ring-side section for last December’s title fight:


“I would like to thank every single person that goes out of their way to buy a ticket. It really means the world to me and without you it wouldn’t even be possible. I hope you keep buying ticket because we’ve got some great journeys ahead!”


Fight Scene agrees.


Whether he’s fighting at distance or inside the pocket, Gavin Gwynne is a pleasure to watch in every fight.


And if all that needs adding to his incredible arsenal is a few years of hard-work, then we can be absolutely certain of seeing him on the big shows in the near future.


Because for Gavin Gwynne, hard graft is just part of the average day.


Gavin Gwynne 9-0 (1KO) is next in action on 27th October 2018, live on S4C. He fights Myron Mills 12-0 (6KO) in British Lightweight Title Eliminator


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By Jon Sutton